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Trending with Rob Hunter: Philip Seymour Hoffman, George Zimmerman, and the Winter Olympics

It was quite a week of news, and these are the most talked about stories of the week:

• Phillip Seymour Hoffman is dead at age 46. It’s a sad, true-life story about addiction, one Hoffman struggled with for most of his life having been through a few stints in rehab. His first was at age 22.

• George Zimmerman makes the list again because of his celebrity boxing match and his just announced partner, DMX. Who is going to watch this? Is it even on TV?

• Lastly, it’s time for the Winter Olympics. However, the main storyline this week is how unprepared Sochi seems to be for their moment in the spotlight. I wasn’t worried about going over there because of the terrorism, but I am worried about the toilets.

Editor’s Note: Breaking News. Breaking good news. The fight between Zimmerman and DMX has been canceled. And no, not because one of them was arrested. Someone finally figured out the fight wasn’t the best idea.

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