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The Loop: What’s uglier? ‘Walking Dead’ or Sochi fails?

Sunday may have been the best day of 2014 thus far.

I didn’t win the lottery nor did Anna Kendrick respond to my invite for beers (though a man can dream). No, Sunday was awesome for one reason: “The Walking Dead” finally came back from its winter hiatus.

The show is a veteran of the Internet and excels at getting its name out there through great stunts. This one, with zombies under the street in New York City, may win out.

But I can decide which is uglier: The zombies on the show or the multitude of fails that is the Sochi Winter Games. Don’t worry. I make sure to recap a good amount for you.

I may poke a lot of fun at Russia in this one, but don’t worry, Americans close it out on a slippery slope.