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The Loop: Mourning the loss of a great twerking video

On this episode of “The Loop,” I got some bad news: The best twerking fail video I had ever seen is a fake.

The video was made by late night hose Jimmy Kimmel. It garnered millions of views in just a few days. But rather than mourning the loss of a truly great video, I turn the situation around. If that video made one girl think twerking was a bad idea, it was a success.

I also take a look at a Norwegian music video that is, in a word, strange. It starts out by going through some weird animal sounds only pose one question: “What does the fox say?”

It’s all sorts of weird, but all sorts of catchy. But a warning for parents: It’s not exactly educational. Perhaps you’re better off sticking to Sesame Street.

Finally, it’s the epic video bomb of a lifetime. This guy’s stare is something you have to see.