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The Loop: I’m making Windows’ advertising better

On this episode of “The Loop,” I take a look at a driver who decided to back up on the freeway after they missed their exit.


The driver tries to keep the car on the shoulder, but would you really trust someone who decided to reverse on a highway to keep the car going in a straight line? Good. You shouldn’t.

I also take a look at a new Windows campaign meant to promote Internet Explorer. As a Mac guy, I can’t let this ad stand. Not because it’s sort of creepy, but because it’s just highly inaccurate.

But there is a plus: I can totally see Valley violinist Lindsey Sterling covering this and making it 1,000,000 times better. You’re welcome, Microsoft. Feel free to send me a check anytime.

Finally, a lady decided to make a Johnny Depp cake. Whatever happened to just writing a letter? Or stalking?