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The Loop: Don’t mess with Jeff Gordon. Ever.

I’ve always wanted to head to Mardi Gras down in New Orleans.

Sure, there are bars in Arizona that try to celebrate the holiday, but that’s like marking Christmas in China. I’d still have a good time but it’s not the same.

However, I would hate to be a cop on Mardi Gras. Everyone drinks sugar concoctions loaded with whatever kind of booze is handy, meaning their behavior after about six of those isn’t stellar. If you’re a cop, you might as well enjoy the madness. I found one who did.

I also found a really, really mean prank played by Jeff Gordon on an unsuspecting journalist. He screams. A lot.

Finally, I live in Arizona for a few reasons, but one of those is a lack of snow. If only this Philly-based reporter could figure that out.

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