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The Loop: Californians sure are weather wimps

This week, I’m celebrating the fact that it’s a balmy 80 degrees in Arizona the week before Christmas.

I may be tired of sweating, but it sure beats having to deal with any sort of adverse weather in Arizona. We’re not very good at handling it. However, it turns out the Californians are worse at it than we are!

You have to see the news reports when Los Angeles received a “bitter blast” of weather. They’re hilarious.

After I finish laughing at our neighbors to the west, I take a look at the mistletoe kissing prank that came to Arizona State University. The prankster sure is a smart guy, as ASU sure has some pretty girls.

Finally, it’s Megyn Kelly on Santa Claus. You’ll just have to see what I say.

Oh, movie fans might want to stay tuned to the end. Just saying.