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The Loop: A few suggestions for the ‘short shorts’ dad

On this episode of The Loop, I finally get my sweet revenge on all those fashionistas who like to laugh at my “style.”

Or Jimmy Kimmel does.

Kimmel took to New York Fashion Week to ask all those fashion-savvy folks about some shocking trends. It’s your standard man-on-the-street clip, but the designers and trends aren’t real. Excellent.

I also take a look at a dad whose “short” plea to his daughter went viral. Rather than speaking to her about her clothing choices, he made his own short shorts and wore them in public. His daughter learned her lesson, but maybe we can discuss her dad’s slogan over dinner.

Finally, a clown is popping up in an English town. He’s not trying to scare anyone, he just wants to be noticed. It’s terrifying.

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