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Movies in a Minute: ‘Divergent’

In a futuristic world, a young woman, Tris, lives in a time where society is divided into five sections. When people become teenagers they can choose to live in a different section or stay in the one they are already in.

Tris chooses to switch and, in order to do so, she must pass a variety of tests. However, Tris is “Divergent” and doesn’t fit in. If anyone finds out it could lead to her demise, or she could use her uniqueness to save her friends.

This storyline sounds familiar doesn’t it? I’m not saying it is “Hunger Games” but it certainly seemed like a knock-off. Full disclosure, I did not read the books so I don’t know what they changed or left out. The movie is not a complete disaster, so see it is you want, but I don’t think it as complete as “Hunger Games.”

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