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Get Outdoors: Rod-and-reel transplant mid-yellowtail hook-up

Now that the bite is kicking up out West, I thought I would share an amazing piece of video from our last road trip. Winey hooked into a nice yellowtail when his rental rod-reel combo jammed on him.

Think about that for a second: You spend all of this time, effort and cash for a boat charter and when you finally hook-up, your gear malfunctions.

This didn’t seem like that big of a deal to our mostly-shirtless crew from Dana Point Landing. Watch the video to see how they handled a hooked yellowtail and broken reel.

I was watching all of this while I was hooked-up as well. I can’t let Winey have all of the glory!

Big thanks to Taylor Rummell for getting all of this on film!

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