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Get Outdoors: Recon 6 Watch

I will have to admit, I am a bit of watch junkie. I love a good-looking, durable watch. But if I am going to invest in a good watch, I want that thing to be indestructible!

When I heard that Tim Ralston had designed a watch I had to see it for myself. Before I saw it, I knew that it had the potential to look cool, last forever — oh, and save my life.

The Recon 6 did not disappoint AT ALL! This watch has EVEYTHING!

Let’s face it, survival gear has a tendency to take up valuable room in your hunting bag, tackle box or hiking pack. The weight of this gear is an issue as well. Can you imagine having all of the essentials simplified and attached to your wrist? It’s here and I have the video to prove it!

Tim has started a KickStarter campaign to get it off and running.

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