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Busy, Smart and Strong: Thanksgiving — Shake it up!

Thanksgiving is all about tradition. We usually see the same people, have the celebration at the same place and eat the same foods year after year because tradition is comforting and the stuff memories are made of, right?

Hold on! You know, I remember very little about any Thanksgiving celebration I ever attended when growing up, except for the year my mom decided that our family was just too small to go to all that trouble and we decided to make beef stroganoff instead. Sometimes its the “shaking things up” that makes the best memories.

The first year I lived in Arizona with my husband, it was just the two of us and I certainly wasn’t going to make a big turkey! I bought enough sliced turkey from the Honey Baked Store for us to have and was teased for a long time about how we had turkey sandwiches that Thanksgiving. A couple of years we went out. It was traditional food to be sure, but I remember exactly where we went, what we had and who was there. And then a few years ago, we began having thanksgiving with two other families in a huge extended celebration.

Are you ready to shake things up a bit ? Do you dare? How about a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant for your Thanksgiving celebration?!

Check out Sapporo in Scottsdale’s take on Thanksgiving. This could be the year!

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