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Busy, Smart and Strong: Know what’s under the hood

I can put the gas in the tank. And I know when things don’t “feel” right…and I tell my husband.

Nothing wrong with that, but I always have this slightly guilty feeling that I really should know a little bit more about my car and actually take some action.

After all, I’ve spent an awful lot of money on that thing and I use it every day.

Now you may be one of those who can change the tire, jump the battery, etc. without thinking twice and once I got under the hood and got a couple of pointers from Jim Garnand with Hi-Tech Car Care, I realized that I actually do know a little more than I thought I did. It just comes down to opening the hood and taking a look-see.

And of course, it’s always a good idea to take a look at your tires as you approach your car. Check the air pressure and get them rotated and balanced regularly. They’re expensive too! (And not nearly as much fun as buying a whole new fall wardrobe, which can cost almost the same!)

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