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The Lasso

  • Metro Los Angeles uses superpowers to combat rude riders

    Metro Los Angeles has decided to combat the "Rude Dudes" of the bus with PSA commercials reminding people to stay courteous while riding.
  • Latest ‘Stranger Things 2’ trailer increases hype for new season

    "Stranger Things" fans might treat Halloween like Christmas this year with the new season of the hit series coming shortly beforehand.
  • Group of men pull off impromptu performance after delayed flight

    Most people who have flown on an airplane know delays are inevitable. But these men made the best of their delay and put on a show for their fellow flyers.
  • Hanging out: Group of disabled kids offered ‘weightless’ experience

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be weightless? A group of disabled children in France got to experience just that, thanks to a special program.
  • Arizona college student goes viral for rigging ‘Seinfeld’ theme door alarm

    A student at Northern Arizona University went viral after he installed a door alarm in his dorm that plays the theme from "Seinfeld" when people walk in.
  • Eerie movement could mean ghosts live in school hallway

    In a viral video, doors are slammed shut, lockers rock back and forth, cupboards are ripped open and a janitor sign is knocked to the floor.
  • Second trailer released for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

    Fans of the "Star Wars" franchise waited six months for a second glimpse of "The Last Jedi" and Monday's second trailer did not disappoint.
  • Jason Aldean opens ‘Saturday Night Live’ with tribute to Las Vegas victims

    Country star Jason Aldean returned to the stage for "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, nearly a week after a gunman killed 59 people in Las Vegas.
  • Hammond can’t contain herself interviewing Ford and Gosling

    Sometimes the interviews that don't go as planned are the most memorable ones. Just ask "This Morning" host Alison Hammond.
  • Eric Church debuts song dedicated to Las Vegas shooting victims

    Country star Eric Church debuted a song that was dedicated to the victims of last weekend's Las Vegas shooting, which killed 59 people and injured nearly 500 more. 
  • Plane looks like it lands on ice thanks to heavy crosswinds

    Right when the plane's wheels touched the runway, the crosswinds started to send the plane moving all sorts of directions.
  • How long is the shortest flight in the world? 80 seconds

    The shortest nonstop flight in the world takes travelers between the islands of Westray and Papa Westray in the United Kingdom -- in just 80 seconds. 
  • House built with LEGO bricks holds special museum in basement

    A house in Billund, Denmark, is not only devoted to the popular building block toy, it is also built like LEGO itself, called The House of Bricks.
  • Second trailer released for upcoming ‘Jumanji’ film

    A second trailer was released late last week for "Jumanji" and, though it admittedly looks a little dumb, it could be a good movie for the whole family.
  • Woman grooves in viral video with people stuck at airport overnight

    A woman who was stuck in a Charlotte airport overnight spent her evening making a bunch of new friends by dancing and posting the results in a viral video.