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Get Outdoors With Mike Russell

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    Get Outdoors Unleashed: Jango graduates from hunting school

    So the big day has finally arrived: Jango's final exam from hunting school with Coach Tony Marquez of Desert Creek Gun Dog Kennels.
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    Get Outdoors product review: Who makes the best coffee tumbler for outdoors?

    Hot coffee is a great when you're outdoors, especially in the cold. With so many coffee tumbler products out there, I wanted to find out who makes the best.
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    Get Outdoors product review: Assault Hand Paddle

    OK team, it's time for another Get Outdoors product review. This week, I review the Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddles!
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    Why you should be excited about this weekend’s Arizona’s Get Outdoors Expo

    After a year of planning, we are all set to open the doors for Arizona’s Get Outdoors Expo. It all kicks off this Saturday at WestWorld of Scottsdale.
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    How to get outdoors and film your experience easily

    There is no need to weigh ourselves down with professional gear when filming adventures outdoors.
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    Get Outdoors Unleashed: Taking the dog out to new hunting grounds

    In this episode of "Get Outdoors Unleashed," we took my dog, Jango Fett, to his first new hunting ground in a while.
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    Get Outdoors Rookie Camp: Ben Avery shooting range

    This episode of Get Outdoors Rookie Camp stars Erin Maloney and Paige Dimakos from Arizona Sports 98.7FM and

    Get Outdoors Unleashed: Puppy hunting training coming along nicely

    Jango is about two and a half weeks into his full-time hunting training and I was excited to see the results.
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    Get Outdoors Unleashed: Puppy hunting school kicks off with ‘ruff’ drills

    Well, the day had finally arrived: Jango was ready to start his Jedi Hunting training with Tony Marquez from Desert Creek Gun Dog Kennels at Gila Hallows Duck Club.
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    Former Arizona Cardinals player Bertrand Berry trades in football for fishing pole

    Host of Arizona Sports' Off The Edge with B-Train and former Arizona Cardinals defensive end Bertrand Berry traded in his football for a fishing pole during a recent trip to accomplish a new feat.
  • Get Outdoors' Mike Russell shares the reasons why fishermen (and women) of all skill levels could benefit from using a guide to snag a big catch. (KTAR Photo/Mike Russell)

    Fishermen (and women) of all skill levels can benefit from using a guide

    Whether you're a fisherman (or woman) who has just picked up a pole or one who has a collection of big catches, using a guide can come in handy big time.
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    Get Outdoors Unleashed: The training of the dog begins

    In the first episode of "Get Outdoors Unleashed," Mike Russell begins training his dog, Jango, to become the hunting hound he's always wanted.
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    Get Outdoors product review: Jumping Jack Trailer

    The Jumping Jack Trailer gives you best in ease of setup. This thing goes from utility trailer to four-man super tent in under four minutes!
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    Survey shows young women like outdoorsmen and there’s hope for humanity!

    It has been baffling outdoorsmen that women fawn over gel-haired, skinny-jean-wearing, wine-sipping frat guys that wouldn’t survive outside of city limits.
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    Get Outdoors Rookie Camp with Monica Lindstrom: Shooting range

    I asked Monica what type of firearm she had for home protection. She responded that she didn’t know but she knew that it was there and how to get to it!