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  • Book can help you talk to your kids about war

    As parents, we are constantly inundated with a litany of introspective and surprisingly philosophical questions from our kids.

    Even as a college graduate (and I like to think a well-versed person), I am very often stumped, as I’m sure many of us are.

    Now, I didn’t say I was a MENSA member but I know a little about enough to get me by. I am usually able to ramble on a la Cliff Claven explaining the complexities of geese migration to Norm in an attempt to answer said questions.

    This inevitably ends with the kids saying “How about we just ask Siri?” True story. But how do we explain to our kids things that we can’t even fathom? “What’s it like to be in a war?” Whoa. A little backstory: I was volunteering in my daughter’s class and the station I was at was […]
  • You’ll find someone

    “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone”

    I keep hearing this statement. I used to smile politely and say something like “well, hopefully so. I need someone to start paying my bar tabs” and then do
    a fake laugh (even though it would be nice… booze is expensive, you know.)

    The last time I heard it was Sunday afternoon. It was an absolutely amazing day. No plans, no obligations, no make-up. In a word: glorious.

    I was in an antique shop wandering around when the owner started making small talk. I don’t recall exactly how it came up, as I was distracted trying to picture how I could work a tractor seat into my décor but she asked about my marital status. I said, “Nope, I’m single… divorced.” Now, I […]
  • The best New Year’s resolution is appreciating your kids

    With the new year rapidly approaching, the onslaught of people creating, posting and sharing their resolutions will be upon us.
  • 8 realistic things to get your kids this holiday season

    If you have ever felt the horrific pain of stepping barefoot on a Lego, you should read this.
  • It’s not about the things, but about the people, on Thanksgiving

    This holiday and every day, grab your friends and family and hug them tight.
  • We should take the same fun approach to life as our kids

    Kids are cool. Way cool. Cooler than us, in fact.
  • The hell and irony of the school drop-off area

    Every morning on the way to take my kids to school, there comes a moment about a mile out where I feel a head-to-toe change come over me.
  • H A Double P to the Y

    I won’t get into details but the bottom line is I’m at a complete loss for most of my waking hours based on specific events that have happened to me

    As I’m not one to sit around and wallow, I have tried to work on what might help me. I’m sure there is a myriad of self-help books I could read on
    the subject. Not an e-book, not a book on tape (yes I know they are on CDs but I like saying tape), an actual physical book that I don’t have to log
    onto my iPad to read. I like to read without notifications popping up about a new gift with a purchase at Sephora or getting lit up about daily
    randomness from the chive.

    Unfortunately even if I had motivation enough to go to Barnes and Noble to purchase said books, I would find that the Barnes and Noble I would normally go to has been since been inhabited by a restaurant that is groundbreaking enough to provide us detailed information about exactly what our meat ate, before we […]
  • So no one liked your One Direction backpack, so what?

    Charlotte Wilson's young daughter marches to the beat of her own drum, even when other children don't like her One Direction backpack.
  • The best parenting advice I ever received

    I was a newly-single mom at a trampoline park with my two monkeys.
  • Politics and pigtails

    I am sure that just like me you are all beyond sick of the political messages being shouted at us on a daily basis this time of year.
  • How our kids remind us to look for the good in people, life

    When I am completely frantic, desperately fighting for pole position in line at school drop-off, sipping on a cup of tepid coffee while barking orders at the children in my backseat like I am Churchill, I try to remember what it was like spending my days with my daughter when she was 3. It always seems to bring me back home to a nostalgic place I wish I could stay forever.

    She used to invite the checkers at Costco to her house to watch “Curious George.”

    She talked all the time and I do mean all … the … time about everything she loves. “I love bananas. Bananas are so tasty. I love doggie kisses. Doggies are so silly. I love our toaster. I love Alvin. I love Simon.” And, you guessed it, “Theodore too.” She was 3. I was, well, […]
  • Your kids won’t remember bed time, they’ll remember time with you

    “T-minus.” My children hear these words all too often at my house.

    “T-minus 15 minutes until bed.”

    “T-minus 10 minutes until dinner.”

    “T-minus one minute before I turn off ‘Dog with a Blog’ and watch ‘TMZ.'”

    It is a constant countdown to what we need to be doing, when we need to be leaving to get to school on time or when we need to get to sleep so we don’t feel like the cast of “The Walking Dead” in the morning.

    I am lucky if I pick them up from school and can get back home before 6:30 p.m., then the mad dash of trying to make something edible and healthy for dinner, a little chill time, followed by baths, teeth, reading books and then finally bed. During the week especially, I feel like I am […]
  • Robin Williams reminded us all that laughter is the best medicine

    Everyone has a favorite character, joke, and imitation, of Robin Williams.

    For me, it is in “Good Will Hunting” when he tells the story about the first time he met his wife after passing up a Red Sox World Series ticket and the comedic genius of Mrs. Doubtfire — “It was a run-by fruiting!”

    It is amazing that a complete stranger can make our hearts smile and create a memory for us and our families and we have never as much as shook his hand.

    In light of Robin Williams’ passing, I have been thinking of the power of laughter and how it relates to raising children. During a well check at the pediatrician, my son was acting particularly crazy. He turned up his charm that day and was hitting on the nurse mercilessly. He put his hand gently on […]
  • In this world being taken over by technology, find a breath of fresh air occasionally

    I find myself torn by the impact technology has on everyday life, particularly my kids’ lives. I understand it can be a good thing overall but what concerns me is my children being brought up in the midst of this humongous wave of change.

    My son asks me daily questions that I cannot answer. Like “why is a tree called a tree?” or “would a fox eat a caterpillar?” and if I don’t know the answer, he instructs me to “just ask Siri.”

    Another example would be the other day when my daughter asked if she could go on (and even included the backslash) while she was actually watching Nick Jr. She has officially attempted to commandeer every electronic appliance in my house. When we were little, we had one chance to catch Sesame Street in the […]