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Tim and Willy Guest Host on KTAR-FM in January

Longtime morning radio team Tim and Willy will guest host on News/Talk
92.3 KTAR for two days starting January 2nd.

The Phoenix morning radio duo Tim Hattrick and Willy Loon hosted their
last show on KNIX Thursday morning.

“Today was so hard because how do you say goodbye to 10 years in one
show,” Hattrick said. “It was something we didn’t think we could do.”

Tim and Willy have been entertaining thousands of Phoenix radio listeners
for ten years with their morning radio show on KNIX.

They’re leaving the station after being unable to reach agreement on a new

‘The Arizona Republic’ reported contract negotiations led to their split
from KNIX. The newspaper said Tim and Willy had asked for a three-year
contract and were offered a two-year deal instead. The station said it
made a “generous offer.”

Hattrick said he and Loon are happy to be coming to News/Talk 92.3 KTAR
as fill-in hosts.

“KTAR has been just a legendary news station, maybe we can add a little
Tim and Willy fun to it and it’ll be the greatest station ever, who knows,”
Hattrick said.

Hattrick said no radio stations, including KTAR, have made offers of
employment to the duo.

An emotional Tim Hattrick said their most memorable show on KNIX came
on the morning after 9/11.

“I remember driving in and wondering ‘how are we going to do this show?
,'” Hattrick said. “And the listeners were just awesome. They responded
with passion and emotion, and they said the same things we were feeling.”

During Tim and Willy’s time in country radio, they grew to become one of
the top FM teams in the Valley and this week’s announcement came as
quite a shock to their listeners, many who are now thrilled to know, they
still have an opportunity, in 2008, to catch them on the air.

“Tim & Willy are two of the biggest names in Valley radio and we’re pleased
to be able to make sure they’re still on the radio in January,” said KTAR
Director of News, Talk, and Sports Programming, Russ Hill. “They want the
opportunity to tell the story of what happened and take calls from their
loyal listeners. News/Talk 92.3 KTAR provides them the platform to reach
the most people at once and have some fun doing talk radio.”