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‘Tatman’ Roberts will be missed by more than D-backs fans

A popular Arizona Diamondbacks player has been traded to the Tampa Bay Rays, but not before he left his mark on the Valley.


Ryan “Tatman” Roberts may not have been the face of the franchise but he certainly was the arms, legs and neck of the team.

“Heavily, heavily tattooed,” said Mikey Sarratt of High Noon Tattoo in Phoenix.

Sarratt said the Tatman was great for business.

“He was very popular, he said. “We follow the sports in the city and he was very popular with women.”

And there’s no way to know how many people got inked up because of Tatman.

“I don’t think they got [tattoos] because of it, but it opens peoples eyes a little bit,” said Sarratt. “Here’s a guy who’s in the media, in the spotlight.”

Sarratt said it’s likely that at least some of Roberts’ female fan base got a tattoo because of Roberts.