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Students, others protest against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

PHOENIX — Three days after students protested Sheriff
Joe Arpaio’s immigration enforcement policies, they — and
many others — were at it again Friday.

A crowd of more than 600 gathered Friday near Central
Avenue and Van Buren.

Police monitored the protest from the ground and in
the air to make sure it stayed peaceful.

The protesters gathered at a park near Central Avenue and Fillmore Street and began marching toward a downtown building where Arpaio and his office leases space.

One of the protesters is a retired police officer.

“I’m protesting his incompetence, his failure to enforce
laws, his incompetence in enforcing laws [and] his abuse
of power as evidenced by the Department of Justice civil
investigation,” Dennis Howerton said.

Many of these people are students. Some being the same
students that started the protest earlier in the week. At
that one, outside of Trevor Brown High School, they shut
down an intersection. Six people were arrested.

All six identified themselves as illegal immigrants but
federal immigration authorities decided not to deport

There were no reported arrests on Friday.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this