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‘Star Wars’ spinoffs: Who’s in, who’s out?

The force is definitely with The Walt Disney Co.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said Tuesday that the company’s newly acquired Lucasfilm is considering on character-based “Star Wars” films in addition to the already-announced Episode VII through IX trilogy in the works.

According to Entertainment Weekly, two of the spinoffs include the bad-boy bounty hunter with a jetpack Boba Fett and scoundrel smuggler with plenty of swag Han Solo.

If this news, and the fancy alliteration, doesn’t get the vast empire of “Star Wars” fans excited about the next chapter in a galaxy far, far away, what will?

Telling us the characters you absolutely want to see along with the ones you don’t, of course.

Following a great deal of deliberation and contemplation, the characters below are some we’d love to see and some we’d hate to see get their own chapter of the “Star Wars” saga: