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Slick deal: Phoenix station posts gas prices under $2 a gallon

PHOENIX — Happy holidays, Phoenix. A gas station near downtown has pump prices of $1.99 for cash customers.

Long lines were expected Monday at the Valero station at 20th Street and Osborn Road where prices were posted below $2 a gallon. Credit-card customers will pay $2.09.

The lighted signboard went on at 6 a.m.

The statewide average is about $2.50. Station owner Jaswinder Singh said he planned to keep the low into the new year as a thank-you to clientele.

Derrick Wyatt of Phoenix is appreciative. He drives a minivan.

“It has been a very long time since I filled up for $15 when it usually runs $40,” Wyatt said.

“This feels good … like Christmas. Now I can save some money and buy the grandkids something.”

Another customer, Arthur Dugger, filled his Dodge Ram for $55. A full tank had previously topped out at $85.

After filling the truck, Dugger was going home to get the van. He also texted friends.