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Scottsdale student using play to improve lives, heal

PHOENIX — A Scottsdale, Ariz. medical student wants to change the world and help people heal using various means of play.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing,” said Serop Sayadian, founder of Playing to Heal. “It’s somewhat of a calling. You don’t have to be a doctor to heal someone. There’s physical healing, spiritual healing and emotional healing.”

The non-profit organization was created to inspire people to use their talents to bring joy into the lives of the sick or needy.

“I think people have an innate desire to give back and help. I believe we all get satisfaction from it,” said Sayadian.

He and others are planning a tour of the west coast to share his personal love of music with orphans.

Playing to Heal, still in its infancy, is looking for anyone with an interest, be it in sports, music, art or just about anything creative to spread its message.

Sayadian has already partnered with several local bands and charities. To find out more, go to or find it on Facebook.