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Pharrell Williams’ Grammys hat becomes Internet sensation for all the wrong reasons

Music producer Pharrell Williams took home four Grammy awards Sunday along with electronic music duo Daft Punk. Williams gave the acceptance speech every time his and duo’s names were called.

It was a memorable night for the collaborators of the year’s best record, “Get Lucky,” but come Monday morning, Grammy gossip focused more on Williams’ attire rather than on his huge night at the awards show.

Atop his head, Williams rocked a tall, dull-brown hat that looked like something a forest ranger would wear.

It didn’t take long for Arby’s to poke fun at the accessory on Twitter.

Not only have many variations of “Pharrell’s Hat” been created as Twitter accounts, but several Photoshop users have started to make translate Williams’ cap into other pop culture references. Take a look at some of the best comparisons below.