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PCSO introduces mobile biometric identification systems

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office deputies will have some new technology at their disposal this week.

PCSO patrol deputies, detective and SWAT members will now have access to a new MORIS mobile biometric identification system that uses iris, fingerprint and facial identification technology.

The new devices will allow deputies to identify someone who does not carry identification, such as an illegal immigrant, or someone who gives conflicting stories of who they are.

“Iʹm proud that we are the first sheriffʹs office or police agency in America to use this technology in patrol and it will allow us to improve safety for Pinal families,” said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu in a press release. “It will be used with consent, or when we have lawful probable cause for criminal offenses.”

The 75 mobile units, along with additional weapons and a new helicopter, were purchased at a cost of $203,572 in grant money.

PCSO currently uses iris identification technology.