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N. Scottsdale Neighborhood Lights It Up for Charity

Put north Scottsdale on your list of areas to visit to see Christmas lights. One neighborhood there is all decked out for the holidays.

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Twenty homes have Christmas displays on Rose Garden Lane in the Grayhawk Montevina neighborhood.

Homeowner Christina Dyrr says the residents take turns serving cocoa to anyone who comes to visit.

“Around Halloween, we have a Halloween party and everyone signs up for the night they’re going to run cocoa hut.” The cocoa stand runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through Christmas Eve.

Dyrr says the neighbors use the display to gather donations for Saint Mary’s Food Bank. “One of the neighbors used to have a relationship with St. Mary’s and it was a good story. We found that people were really willing to step up and they’d do the donation thing and they’d bring in lots of food.”

She says the decorating started about five years ago and turned into a competition between the men. “They would try to outdo one another. They would say ‘Are you done?’ ‘Yeah, we’re done. Let’s just quit. This is crazy.'”

And then everyone would go to bed and the other guy would go out to the local Target that’s open 24 hours a day, grab a couple more things and put them on. Some of the other guys woke up (and say) ‘Man, not again.’ And they would run out and so pretty soon it turned into quite the spectacle.”

When someone sells their home, they make sure the new owners know about the tradition. “I think real estate agents use it as a selling point because it is a nice community here.”