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Jaguar Club of North America coming to Arizona

The Jaguar Club of North America will be showcasing more
than 140 of their most prestigious cars in Chandler, Arizona
from March 11 to March 13.

These cars may be out of many people’s leagues, but the
opportunity to check out a variety of these fancy rides is
for free.

This event will be judging the appearance of the cars as
well as giving Jaguar enthusiasts a chance to watch the
Western States Slalom and Rally Tour.

Jaguar owners are encouraged to come and display their own
jag or even be part of the judging. Depending on the day,
the locations of the events vary.

For the Western States Concours d’Elegance, where they will
judge the vehicles, will be held in the A.J. Chandler Park
March 11th.

The Western Rally/Tour will be held at the San Marcos Hotel
on the 12th and The Western States Slalom will be held at
Chandler’s Hamilton High School on the 13th.