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Here’s why you shouldn’t flush wet wipes

Those scary movies are right — there really are monsters in the underground.

London sanitation workers lived through “Attack of the Fatberg” a monstrous pile of fat that had to be removed from a sewer.

Workers for Thames Water took on the 15-ton blockage, which was interfering with toilet use in the area, for almost two weeks. Their national nightmare ended last week. Now repair crews are fixing the damage caused by the buildup of lard and wet wipes.

“If we hadn’t discovered it in time, raw sewage could have started spurting out of manholes across the whole of Kingston,” said Gordon Hailwood, a supervisor for Thames Water, in a press release.

Even scarier, it’s not the first time this has happened in London. The host city of last summer’s Olympics had a similar situation in 2010, according to media reports.

At least now we know what the monster eats and how often it tries to makes its way aboveground.