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Glendale PD dedicates memorial bench to fallen K9

A memorial park bench was dedicated this week to honor the life of Ronin, a Glendale Police K9, that was killed in the line of duty on June 20, 2013.

Officer Wes Zygmont was also wounded during the incident, and he said he chose the park because that was where he spent the most time with Ronin.

“I put everything I had into Ronin, and inevitably, he gave everything back to me,” Zygmont said. “I’m very proud of that.”

Zygmont said he’ll get a new dog soon and just like he did with Ronin, they’ll be training in the same park, right by the bench.

There was a large crowd of law enforcement and citizens gathered to pay respects to the four-legged fallen officer.

“He was a strong dog and great dog and I am so happy for the time I had with him,” Zygmont said.

The memorial bench is located near 67th Avenue and the Loop 101, where the Glendale PD K9s frequently conduct training.

After just three months on the job, Ronin was shot and killed as he attempted to take down an armed subject who had fled from officers a short time earlier.

Zygmont has since returned to full active duty.