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Councilman calls for dead animal dumping probe

Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski is calling for a police investigation after nine dead animals were found dumped in a vacant lot near 15th Avenue and Baseline.

“Something very, very wrong happened out there,” said Nowakowski, “We need to do something about it. This investigation would hopefully find the individual that did this and what’s going on out there.”

The lot’s owner has already been cited and given seven days to clean the property up.

Phoenix Spokesman Michael Hemmett said whoever left the animals there could face charges.

“Illegal dumping is a separate crime where somewhere could have dumped these animals onto the private property,” he said. “There are fines up to $2,500 per violation for that and that is where jail time could come into effect as well.”

Phoenix police have not said if they will investigate the case.