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Busy, Smart, and Strong: A mom takes action, in an unusual fashion

I’m not sure if this mom’s actions will help much in the long run, but she felt strongly about it and took action.

Judy Cox was shopping with her son at a mall in Utah on Saturday when she saw something in the PacSun store window that sent her through the roof … T-shirts featuring scantily-clad girls draped in provocative poses.

I’m not sure if Judy’s issue was indecency for everyone walking by to see, or if it had something to do with her teenaged son and the values she’d tried to teach him. But whatever it was, Judy got those shirts out of the store window by going in and buying every single one of them! Yep, every one, and it cost her $567.

She says she is going to return them. But for a few days, University Mall in Orem is indecency free! Well, the PacSun is anyway.

About 10 years ago, there was a fad for stores that catered to young women to feature their fashions on mannequins that were obviously not wearing a bra. My daughter was about 8 at the time and was gaining an interest in clothes.

I remember having to explain that to her and one day I saw a group of mannequins in what was obviously a very cold store window so I went in and asked the clerk why clothes were being shown like that and why did they have to put it in the store window. She said that it was just the new store policy and she didn’t like it either. What else could she say?

About a month later, that store was gone from that location and I believe the entire company has closed.

I didn’t mean to put them out of business!