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Burrito thrown at Hispanic hunger strikers

PHOENIX — A Hispanic group on a hunger strike to protest deportations was targeted by a hateful message on Friday.

An unknown person bought a burrito, wrote racial slurs on it and threw it at the group.

“He went out of his way, purchased a burrito and wrote on it,” said Carlos Garcia. “It says ‘Wetback, learn English. Wetback go back to Mexico.'”

Garcia, an immigration activist who is also part of PUENTE, said the message was repulsive.

“Most disturbing for me is that people think we are not human, not worth of being respected.”

Aside from the burrito message, Garcia said the hunger strike, in its second week, has been a peaceful affair. Several people are camped outside of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in Phoenix. All have a loved one awaiting deportation at a facility in Eloy. Those people are also on a hunger strike.