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Bakers convention held at Scottsdale resort

PHOENIX — You can’t blame people at The Phoenician in Scottsdale for being on a bit of a sugar high this week, as more than 450 bakers and suppliers are meeting for the annual convention of the American Bakers Association.

“Pretty much everything you could possibly put flour into we have here with us at this meeting,” said Rob Mackie, president and CEO of the ABA.

While cookies sales are down just a bit, Mackie said donuts are selling well. However, the real star this year, he said, are flatbreads, like focaccia, pita and nan.

“We’ve become more globally aware, interacting, traveling and things like that and people bring those tastes back,” Mackie said. “And then obviously we’re a nation of immigrants.”

He said the industry is also responding to consumer interest in health and wellness. The association is launching a campaign to highlight the benefits of grains and fiber found in many baked goods.