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5 winter fashions for the ladies

Certain styles are becoming known this winter and, surprise, many wearers will find themselves breathing sighs of relief over not having to give up comfort for warmth. Following are five winter fashions that can easily be adopted to help wearers conserve heat while staying fashionable.


Turtlenecks are making a comeback, and it’s about time. Fewer things lend more comfort to an outfit than these warm tops. Depending on your preference, turtlenecks are perfect for dressing up or down. They are beautiful on their own, and other options include pairing with a statement necklace or using as a layering base. Style maven Lauren Conrad has already extolled the virtues of turtlenecks for this cold season.

Pencil skirts and dresses

Sorry ladies, maxi skirts are on their way out. However, that doesn’t mean comfortable skirts are retiring as well. This winter, pencil skirts and dresses that cover the kneecap or extend down to mid-calf are the latest fashion. They are the perfect length for showing off cute winter boots, and don’t forget to pair with some thick tights or leggings. Longer pencil lengths are also trending for next spring and summer. Luckily for budgets, this means winter purchases can carry over and still be fashionable.

Chunky scarves

Scarves have long been a cheap and easy fashion go-to during colder months. This year, the chunkier the scarf, the better. Heavier scarves can be gorgeous and versatile, but more importantly, they preserve heat, making it easy to merge fashion with comfort. According to Pantone, colors trending this season include earth tones and jewel colors.

Longer coats

Anyone who has sat on a cold, outside surface can attest to the importance of having an extra layer protecting their derrière from the low temperatures. From caroling to Christmas tree shopping, longer coats are better than their shorter counterparts for preserving warmth during cold outside events. The versatility of longer coats can also help budgetary constraints because the same coat can be paired with both dressier and more casual occasions. This season, trending coat lengths are mid-thigh to ankle length.

Winter lipstick colors

Dressing up your wardrobe can be as cheap as buying a new tube of lipstick. Vogue declared this winter the season of wine, red, and nude tones. Need a color suggestion? Try MAC’s RiRi Woo. Don’t have the budget for even a new tube of lipstick? Experiment by mixing some of your current colors to come up with a newer, more trendy shade. Remember to protect your mouth with lip balm before applying color as brutal winter temperatures can damage and chap lips.

Remember, winter holidays are meant to be fun and memorable. Ensure your enjoyment by choosing warm fashions this year.

Elizabeth Reid has bachelor degrees in economics and history. She has worked in retail, medical billing, catering, education and business fields. Her favorite occupation is that of wife and mother. She can be reached at