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Tips for homeowners to keep properties safe during Arizona’s wildfire season

PHOENIX – Arizona’s wildfire season is rapidly approaching and that means now is the time for homeowners to take steps to avoid risking their homes and lives.

Those is the rural areas of the Valley and in the high country are particularly are risk for being in the line of a wildfire and Amir Noweder, the general manager of ServiceMaster All Care Restoration in Phoenix, said homeowners can take some simple steps to reduce their risk.

“First and foremost you want to set up a fire break between your home and the surround brush and foliage,” he said.

That break should be at least 30 yards to protect homes and structures from embers and heat, according to Noweder.

“Any type of dry brush, obviously you want to keep away from the home,” he said. “That type of material will begin to combust extremely quickly.”

Homeowners can also put window screening over any outside vents to reduce the chance of embers getting inside them should a fire come close.

Noweder also said it’s a good time for homeowners to review their insurance policies and make sure they have an extra strategy and important items ready to go in an emergency.

“Ensure that you have all documentation easily assessable, (as well as) any personal property that has sentimental value,” he said.

It’s also a good idea to check all smoke alarms to make sure they are functioning properly, Noweder said.