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Apache is the most popular street name in Arizona

Arizona has one of the more unusual most popular street names across the U.S.

The Washington Post put together a full list and map featuring the top names in all 50 states, based on U.S. Census and road data, and Apache was Arizona’s top street name.

Trees, numbers, and presidents are the most popular names for streets, which is understandable. These are practical, unoffensive choices. Surnames are common too; parts of the list look like a phone directory from Plymouth Rock.

While most states have common street names like Park and 1st, Arizona and a few other states have unique names like Dogwood, Lehua and Magnolia. Many of these names come from nature, but Arizona’s signature name comes from culturally related groups of Native Americans.

In Arizona alone, the Washington Post found that Apache had 120 mentions, 1st/First had 116 and Palo Verde had 112. Finishing out the top 10 were Mesquite, Sunset, 2nd/Second, Navajo, 3rd/Third, Quail and 4th/Fourth.