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‘Drama Llamas’ to attend public Turf Paradise event Saturday

LISTEN: Llama Drama llamas to meet the public

You have your chance to meet two of the Valley’s international celebrities on Saturday at Turf Paradise.

They are the two central figures in what became known as “Llama Drama” last month.

The two llamas will be looking on as the track hosts its’ Camel and Ostrich races.

The llamas, Kahkneeta and Laney, led sheriff’s deputies on a wild chase through the west valley late last month. They have been in their pens ever since that misadventure. Saturday will be their first trip out.

One of the owners of the llamas, Karen Freund, said that people may be able to pet them.

“They are going to be in a penned area, so if the llamas will come over to the fence, people will get to pet them,” Freund said. “They usually aren’t real fond of that, but people will be at least be able to see them if they want to get their pictures taken with them.”

Freund was skeptical when Turf Paradise first called to ask her about a possible visit by the llamas.

“I thought they were calling to ask me to race the Llamas around the track,” she said. “That ain’t going to happen.”

And Freund said that this time, there won’t be a getaway.

“We are taking our own fencing that we know they can’t get out of,” she said. “They are going to be walked out of the trailer with double lead ropes on.”

The event is 11 a.m. on Saturday and the llamas will be there until 3 p.m.