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Prankster duo takes viewers on ‘Aladdin’ magic carpet ride through San Francisco

Now, this definitely isn’t something you see everyday: Aladdin — yes, that Aladdin — decided to take a break from wrecking havoc throughout Agrabah to bring a little trouble to San Francisco.

The kind-hearted thief released a YouTube video of him travelling throughout the city in order to rescue his princess, Jasmine.

Thanks to his magic carpet, Aladdin was able to whiz through the streets of San Francisco, grabbing the attention of all the passersby.

Unfortunately, for those hoping to capture a glimpse of the Disney hero, this video — while very cool — is not of the real Aladdin.

(Shocker, I know.)

Instead, it’s the work of the dedicated YouTube prankster-couple PrankvsPrank, otherwise known as Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith.

Jesse, who portrays Aladdin in the video, and his girlfriend have long made headlines for the ridiculous, silly and sometimes scary pranks they’ve been playing on each other for the past nine years.

If you want to watch more of the magic carpet, well, magic, check out a similar video they made in New York City.

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