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Phoenix Children’s Hospital to install tablets in every patient’s room

PHOENIX — Phoenix Children’s Hospital received a $200,000 donation from the James M. Cox Foundation to install a tablet in every patient room.

A recent PCH study found more than half of its patients do not have access to a smartphone or tablet while they are hospitalized.

“You may lose contact with your friends or your teacher or your family because you might not have an iPad, you might not have your telephone with you but this will give us the ability that each child and/or parent will (have one) at their bedside,” Teresa Boeger, director of the division of family-centered care, said.

According to Boeger, keeping in contact with the outside world is critical for care while patients are hospitalized for an extended period of time.

“We need to bring technology into the hospital to help them feel normal and stay connected with their community, their family, and their friends,” she said.

The tablets will also have a series of apps called the Journey Board to walk families through their child’s care plan. Hospital staff expects to begin installing the bedside tablets by the end of the year.