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Oh, boy — no, it’s a girl! Phoenix Zoo goofs up gender of bear

PHOENIX — There are some fairly red faces at the Phoenix Zoo, after the recent discovery that 2-year-old bear Luka was actually a girl.

The zoo posted the news on its website. Veterinarians giving the bear a yearly checkup made the determination.

The zoo called it an “embearassing” mistake.

In the zoo’s defense, apparently it’s difficult to determine Andean cubs’ gender because their … identifying parts … don’t develop until they’re around 2. In other words, Luka’s revelation is right on time.

The zoo will be bidding Luka goodbye in the spring — she needs to move to another zoo as part of her growing-up process and must be separated from her mother.

Hey, it’s what Andean bears in the wild do, leave home, never to return. They are not millennials.

Honestly, it’s not as if she has to stop playing with Hot Wheels or the like. Girls can do anything!

Here’s a reminder of Luka when she was just a baby: