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Video of Jodi Arias’ secret testimony shows killer calm on the stand

PHOENIX — Video of Jodi Arias’ secret testimony has been released, giving the public its first glimpse inside one of the more controversial moments in the retrial phase.

Videos of Arias’ testimony began surfacing Thursday after Judge Sherry Stephens allowed the video to be released following the conclusion of the retrial penalty phase.

During her testimony, Arias seemed very calm. Her voice rarely faltered, even when talking about the “horrific” way Travis Alexander was killed or the wooden spoon her mother used to hit her with.

Transcripts of the testimony were released in January.

Stephens kicked media and the public out of the courtroom for a “mystery witness.” It was later learned that witness was Arias.

The media won its appeal against Stephens’ decision, cutting Arias’ testimony short.

Arias was effectively sentenced to life in prison March 5 when a second jury failed to sentence her. Stephens will rule in April if Arias will be eligible for parole.