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Seeing quadruple: Four sets of identical twins pull off ‘time machine’ prank

For city slickers who frequent public transportation, running into people asking for money, selling various items or just looking for a bite to eat is pretty normal.

However, running into a man asking for money to help build a time machine — is not.

So when passengers on a New York City subway were confronted with a man asking for donations to help him go into the future, they were a little confused.

That confusion only grew after the man’s counterpart from the future got onto the train, begging him not to create the time machine.

Oh, and if you’re watching the video, don’t worry: You’re not going crazy.

Yes, there are three OTHER passengers who also had their future counterparts confront them while on the subway as well.

Holy moley — this is amazing.

Unfortunately, this video is fake. (Shocker, I know.)

The geniuses at Improv Everywhere pulled off this elaborate time machine prank using not one, not two, but FOUR sets of identical twins.

I guess we’ll just have to see what the future regarding time travel will really hold.

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