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University of Arizona study shows less cocaine on streets

PHOENIX — Chemical crackdowns by the feds are helping to kick cocaine to the curb.

A new research study recently released from the University of Arizona showed the street value of cocaine is skyrocketing because of lack of supply.

This follows a federal restriction nearly a decade ago on a chemical critical to producing cocaine.

“There’s been a dramatic drop in the supply,” James Cunningham of UA said. He led the research at the university’s College of Medicine.

“The number of users has decreased by about 30 percent and price has doubled and there really hasn’t been a recovery yet because the producers have not been able to get substitutes for that chemical,” he said.

Cunningham said he hoped the federal government continued to crack down against chemicals used to make illegal drugs. He said the research showed it helped fight the war on drugs.

“The evidence is mounting that this is an important policy to follow up on,” he said.