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ASU creates data analytics certificate program

PHOENIX — Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business says it’s keeping up with the needs of companies by offering a new certificate program.

“It’s very unique; one of a king,” said Michael Goul, a professor and chair of the Information Systems Department at the school.

Goul said the W.P. Carey School of Business has launched the new business analytics certificate program and it is primarily aimed at giving working professional new insight and expertise into the growing field of data analytics.

“Many organizations are hiring data scientists now,” he said.

Goul said more companies are looking to use analytics to better understand their online customer base, but often only have a superficial knowledge of how to best use that data.

Now through the online certificate, Goul said companies and employees can start to make real changes based off their new understanding.

“So, for example, in customer relationship management, by looking at past data trends you can understand what your customers want and need,” he said.

Data analysis can also help companies streamline and fix issues with things such as logistics and getting the right products consumers.

“That way you’re not offering (customers) things that they really don’t want to pay attention to, you pretty much know what they’re interested in,” he said.

The program is taught fully online and more information is available on the school’s website.