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Jail bans all nonlegal visits with convicted killer Jodi Arias

PHOENIX — Days after announcing a ban for 10 of her biggest supporters, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that Jodi Arias was banned from any nonlegal visits.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio originally banned 10 people who violated jailhouse rules, such as taking pictures with cellphones and using fake identities to visit Arias. Some of those banned run Arias’ social media accounts.

“Arias needs to understand that while she is in my jail, she is to obey all the rules and breaking them has consequences,” Arpaio said in a release.

Arpaio said Arias was communicating with minors and using other inmates to call people to avoid monitoring.

Arias was essentially sentenced to life in prison last week after a second jury failed to convict her. Judge Sherry Stephens has yet to rule on a possibility of parole.