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Hot tub and pool stores 5 times more popular in Arizona than rest of US

Yelp and the Huffington Post collaborated on a nationwide project to learn which types of stores are the most disproportionately popular in each state.

No surprise: Hot tub and swimming pool shops are much more popular in sunny Arizona than in the rest of America — exactly 526 percent more popular, according to the report.

A different type of pool shop is the second-most disproportionately popular kind of store in AZ: Billiard stores are 283 percent more popular in the Grand Canyon State than the national average.

Based on its online catalog of store listings, Yelp calculated the percentage of a certain type of store relative to the total number of business listings in each state. It compared those percentages with each type of store’s representation nationwide to produce a top-10 list for all 50 states.

Rounding out the top 10 disproportionately popular stores in Arizona are plus-size fashion (271 percent), gun and ammo (259 percent), golf equipment (229 percent), embroidery and crochet (217 percent), auction houses (167 percent), uniforms (162 percent), pawn shops (161 percent) and vape shops (148 percent).