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Arizona restaurant owner says she’s been threatened for supporting Donald Trump

(Twitter photo)

PHOENIX — A restaurant owner from Tucson, Arizona, has come under fire after appearing onstage at a Donald Trump rally, pledging her support for the Republican presidential candidate.

Betty Rivas’ 15 minutes of fame is stretching all through the week after Trump pulled her onstage during his March 19 rally at the Tucson Convention Center.

But since a tweet of the moment went viral, Rivas’ restaurant, Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina, has received a flood of threatening phone calls, online insults and malicious reviews.

“If I asked you to give me a list of 50 nasty words and phrases, you can pick all of them, they said them all,” Rivas’ husband Jorge told CNN.

Trump tweeted out a photo of the pair from the rally, which quickly went viral.

The real estate mogul showered Rivas with affection during the speech, repeating the phrase “I love her” and waving her homemade sign, which read, “Latinos support D. Trump.”

Both Rivas’ and the restaurant’s Facebook pages were inundated with vicious comments earlier in the week.

Tucson TV station KGUN9 took screenshots of some of the comments before they were deleted.

As word of the online attacks spread, an outpouring of support toward the Rivas’ and their eatery emerged from locals and fellow Trump supporters.

Three days after the rally, wait times at the restaurant spiked, forcing the eatery to close for the day after running out of food.

By the end of Tuesday, the Yelp rating for Sammy’s exceeded what it was before the rally.

The controversy involving Rivas was not the only trouble to come out of the Tucson rally: An Arizona airman was charged with assault after punching and kicking a protester.

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