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Former juror ‘stunned’ second panel failed to convict Jodi Arias

PHOENIX — A woman who served on the original Jodi Arias jury said she was “stunned” the second panel failed to issue a verdict during her penalty phase retrial.

“If the jury member had put emotions aside, followed instructions and stepped through the mitigating factors — a lot of which were bogus — this wouldn’t have happened,” Carol Gosselin told media Thursday.

Gosselin described Arias as a “manipulative person” who shouldn’t be allowed contact with other inmates, let alone eligible for parole in 25 years.

“She’s a frightening person,” she said.

Gosselin said she supported giving Arias the death penalty because of the suffering she caused victim Travis Alexander’s family. The jury she served on failed to deliver a verdict, leading to the retrial.

Judge Sherry Stephens will rule April 13 if Arias will spend her natural life in prison or be eligible for parole after 25 years.