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Flagstaff student’s internship application goes viral

PHOENIX — Applying for an internship is a tricky business for college students.

After all, you have to force a company to not only notice you, but convince the bosses you’re worth bringing into the fold. You’ve to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd.

Jake Kirk, a student at Northern Arizona University, has a pretty good idea how to do just that.

Fox 10 reports he was required to make a video as part of his application to Team One, a Los Angeles-based advertising firm. It could be about anything he wanted, so Kirk opted for a kung fu-style presentation.

After he made the video, he submitted his application. After that, he uploaded the video to Reddit, a popular entertainment and news website.

“I was checking it throughout the day, it just started blowing up quickly, just really really fast, and most of the response was positive,” Kirk told the TV station. “People really liked it a lot.”

The video, now boasting more than 700,000 views, landed Kirk an interview.