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Judge urges jury to reach verdict in Jodi Arias resentencing trial

LISTEN: Monica Lindstrom - Jodi Arias Re-Trial - Deliberations head to Day 5

PHOENIX — A judge encouraged a struggling jury Tuesday to reach a verdict in the sentencing retrial of convicted killer Jodi Arias.

On the fourth day of deliberation, the jurors who will determine whether Arias received the death sentence or life in prison, had questions for the court.

Signs pointed toward an impasse as early as late last week. A second hung jury would take the death penalty off the table and send Arias to prison for life.

Lawyers met with Judge Sherry Stephens in chambers late in the morning causing a recess until 1 p.m.

After the break, tweets revealed:

Before the break, the morning proceedings were again, drawn out.