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Arizona gas prices could dip again after recent climb

PHOENIX — Just a few weeks ago, Arizona drivers were paying $1.75 for a gallon of gas.

This week, they were met with an average price of $2.39 per gallon. Despite the recent hike, an oil expert said gas prices could fall below $2 again soon.

“Don’t be surprised to see the sub-$2 prices come back later this spring when you least expect it,” Tom Kloza with Oil Price Information Service said. :There’s more crude oil in commercial storage in North America than there ever has been. I wouldn’t be surprised to see crude oil at $30 to $40 a barrel and that means cheaper gasoline overall.”

However, it’s always darkest before the dawn: Kloza said Arizona drivers should expect gas to top out about $2.60 per gallon by the end of the month before prices fall again.

In March 2014, Arizona drivers were paying an average of $3.32 per gallon.