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Road hog: Best-selling vehicle in Arizona is a truck

Keep on truckin’ Arizona.

Yahoo and Motoramic released a graphic that showed the most popular vehicles in each state in 2014, and Arizona’s four-wheel vehicle of choice was the Ram truck.

That particular truck was popular in other western states: Montana, Oregon, Nevada and Alaska.

The top five vehicles in sales — the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado and Ram pickup trucks, along with the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord — made their imprint on the U.S. map.

The Ford F-Series dominated Texas and the states in the middle of the country, while the Chevy Silverado claimed the top spot in several states in the northern portion of the Midwest.

Meanwhile, Subaru, whose sales pale in comparison to the leaders, took the top spot in Washington, Colorado, Maine and Connecticut, with either the Outback or the Forester.

IHS Automotive shared some carefully-gathered data on the most popular vehicle by state.

IHS Automotive’s tracking differs from what automakers report in two important ways; it counts what new vehicles are registered in each state, rather than just national totals as sold by dealers, and it can separate vehicles registered by businesses from those registered to individuals.

This list excludes those vehicles sold to large fleet buyers, like rental-car agencies and governments — leaving only those sold and used by individual retail customers.